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SixBoxes Performance Thinking is an approach to understanding and improving human performance. They work with companies to improve productivity, profitability and employee engagement. SixBoxes enlisted Y Art Works  graphic design services to redesign their logo, visual identity and website.

What Do Clients Say?

"Yasmine is a remarkably creative artist who maintains great integrity in her work and business relationships, and is certainly an expert in her craft. She brings fresh, often provocative ideas to the table in ways that expand one's perspective on what is possible and lead to absolutely beautiful final products. If you're seeking a graphic artist or a designer who will bring energy and elegance to your project, Yasmine is among the very best."—Dr. Carl Binder, Co-Founder of SixBoxes Performance Thinking

Creative strategies that work 

Some graphic designers do print, some do web. We do both.

Competition is a fact of life. Dynamic markets and changing consumer tastes mean that even a strong brand will need to innovate to stay relevant. This could mean reinventing or repositioning your brand, or simply doing a better job of creating brand energy. This is when a well thought out creative strategy can make a difference.

Graphic design is about the visual communication of ideas. Good ideas, communicated through strong visuals are what differentiate you from your competition and help you connect with your audience.

Y Art Works is a Seattle graphic design studio specializing in logo design, print design, web design and advertising design. For more than 15 years, we've shown companies like yours how to find their voice, get noticed and create lasting relationships with their customers. We are the expert in your corner, the partner at your side, just as committed to your success as you are.

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Y Art Works is the collaborative graphic design studio of artist/designer Yasmine Rafii– committed to great ideas and happy clients since 1995.

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